Help Our Menasha Community by Volunteering

Have you ever wanted to spend more time volunteering, but are not sure where to start? The Menasha Joint School District is always looking for committed people to support our wonderful school community. Getting involved with our Alma mater is a great way to stay connected with our schools, while also making a positive impact on the lives of our young people.

Here’s how you can get more involved with Menasha schools:

Mentor a student

Students benefit from having trusted adults who they can talk to as they navigate this important time in their lives. All young people need someone in their corner, but not all students have that person readily available to them. Mentorship programs help kids form social skills and build useful life experiences. Learning from someone from their hometown will help students think about what they can achieve, too!

Coach a sports team

Are you a former athlete? Do you enjoy a particular sport? Share your passion with young athletes. Sports leagues are always looking for adults to coach, referee or perform other tasks that support the love of the game.

Even if you weren't the team captain yourself, there’s a role you can play! Coaches have an excellent opportunity to not only help a team, but also to build lasting relationships benefiting both athlete and coach.

Ask where help is needed

If you are not sure where to help, start by asking the school office. There are a variety of opportunities to support students and teachers. Possible opportunities include serving as a classroom helper, playground monitor and field trip chaperone. Remember that whenever you work with children, you’ll need to go through an application and background check process. Once you register as a volunteer with the school, you can help in a variety of roles that fit your skills and schedule.

Contribute your skills

Not sure that working directly with students is your thing? Volunteer your time in other ways by providing a professional service. Are you a graphic designer? Offer to help design the programs for the school play. Own a catering company? Help host a special teacher appreciation breakfast. Teachers, staff and students will appreciate not having to throw their own events.

Support the Menasha Education Fund 

This foundation plays a key role in providing the students of the Menasha Joint School District with the tools and support they need. In addition to generous monetary donations from the community, they also need hard work and dedication from community members like you. Learn more about these opportunities at

Join Bluejay Nation

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with Bluejay Nation. Volunteering means that you can help to create the alumni community you want to enjoy. We encourage you to get in touch to learn more about how you can help!

Make this the year you give back to your alma mater. We hope you’ll consider the many ways you can get involved with Menasha schools!