Benefits of Getting Involved with your Alma Mater

Benefits of Getting Involved with your Alma Mater

The world is a relatively linear place from kindergarten to your senior year of high school. But after graduation, students disperse into the world to go their separate ways. Some go to college, others to trade school, some to the armed forces and still more enter the workforce. It’s the beginning of adult life.

Just because high school is the end of your structured curriculum doesn’t mean it’s a part of your life you have to leave behind forever. More than any yearbook, class ring or Facebook group, staying in touch and involved with your alma mater is a great way to keep ties to your formative years.

For some, it’s easy to keep close ties to their old stomping grounds. They might live in the area or have kids of their own attending school. It’s easy enough for them to stop in and have a chat with old teachers, familiar staff, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

But even if you’re someone who put considerable distance between your high school and your current life, you can still stay connected. Social media groups, monthly newsletters and even direct correspondence are all simple ways of staying abreast of your alma mater’s current happenings.

Why should you stay connected?

There are numerous, beneficial reasons to stay involved in your high school as an alumni—more than just for nostalgia’s sake:

  • High schools are always looking for examples of successful alumni. From mentorships and speaking engagements to a feature in the newsletter, your alma mater wants to see that its students have gone on to achieve something.
  • Panels, workshops and seminars are all popular with staff and parents. Schools often seek leaders and contributors for these events and frequently find the best option is an alumnus.
  • Reconnecting with old teachers and peers through an alumni network helps you grow your personal and professional circles. There’s no telling what opportunities will come from simply reaching out to those who were important to you from your past.
  • If you’re someone in a position to donate time or money to your alma mater, being an active alumnus can afford you all sorts of benefits. This includes having a voice when it comes to the future direction of the school or district.
  • It’s fun! You’ll get the chance to connect with current students and staff and involve yourself in numerous ways. You might work directly with student organizations or assist administrators as they enrich the curriculum.

Your high school days may be behind you, but your opportunities to involve yourself in the future of your alma mater have just begun. Reach out through our alumni network and explore the many possibilities for affecting real, positive change.

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