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    Q: Do you know of any alumni or community member who should be recognized for their work in their field or service in their community? Please provide the person's name, their contact information if available, and describe why you believe this person should be recognized?
    A: Brent Miller. Class of 2005. Personal Trainer, Yoga Specialist and Owner of TNT Fitness Menasha.

    Brent Miller is a proud Menasha Alumni who has been focused on creating a welcoming fitness community right here in Menasha since 2014. His passion for fitness, and wellness as a whole, is contagious. The success and achievement of the goals of his clients and members at TNT, are his biggest motivation. Having played sports his whole life, he also enjoys working with various sports teams at MHS through yoga. Anyone can see that Brent is truly proud to be a part of the Menasha community and will continue to do all that he can to make our city great!

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    In Menasha, we are fortunate to be part of such a strong, thriving community and grateful for the efforts everyone puts forth to help our community to grow.  We are also proud of our friends and family members that grew up in Menasha and are helping other communities to grow.

    We are asking for your help to identify any alumni or community member that should be recognized for their work in their field or service to their community.  Please take a minute to help us to identify those that should be recognized.

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